Who We Are

  • We are a 501(c) 3 non-profit corporation operating as a public charity in Cobb County, Georgia
  • We are an alliance of individuals and organizations representing public and private business, civic, education, faith, government, healthcare, judicial, law enforcement, media, non-profit, parent, and youth sectors of the Cobb County community
  • If you live or work in Cobb County – we are your neighbors, co-workers, friends and/or community leaders
  • We are supported by a Board of Directors and Staff

Board of Directors

  • Dr. Patti Agatston – Counselor/Consultant, Cobb County School District Prevention Intervention Center
  • Irene M. Barton – District 9 Director, Georgia PTA
  • Bonnie Brand – Parent and Community Activist
  • Karelis C. Ferrer – Latino Outreach Coordinator, YWCA of Northwest Georgia
  • Pat Giuliani – Officer, National Families In Action
  • Annette Hughes – CEO, Social Concepts & Developments Services (SCADS)
  • Chad Husted – Director of Business Development, Ridgeview Institute
  • Laura Searcy – Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
  • Jason Pearson –  Cobb County Sheriff’s Office
  • Cathy Wendholt-McDade – Healthcare Professional

Strategy Team Leaders


Irene Barton –education@cobbat.org


Sgt. Jason Pearson – jason.pearson@cobbcounty.org


Justin O’Dell – policy@cobbat.org


Currently Vacant