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Links – Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship of people that help each other solve their common problems and help others to recover from alcoholism. – Al-anon offers strength and hope for friends and families of problem drinkers. – Alcohol Cost Calculator provides an easy-to-use tool and is designed to help teachers, parents, lawmakers and child advocates calculate the toll serious alcohol problems are taking on their community. – Leadership to Keep Children Alcohol Free  is a coalition of Governor’s spouses, federal and private agencies. Focus on 9-15 age group. Statistics, research, news, etc. – Fights to protect the public from the impact of the alcohol industry’s negative practices. Monitors and exposes the alcohol industry’s harmful actions related to products, promotions and social influence, and supports communities in their efforts to reject these damaging activities. – The Alcohol Policy Information System (APIS) is an online resource that provides detailed information on a wide variety of alcohol-related policies in the United States at both State and Federal levels. – Learn if your drinking is harming your health. Answer questions for personalized results based on age, gender and drinking patterns.  A project of Join Together and Boston University School of Public Health. – CADCA’s mission is to build and strengthen the capacity of community coalitions to create safe, healthy and drug-free communities. Useful tools, resources, publications and training institutes. – Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth will help you learn more about industry marketing practices. Research, fact sheets and take action ideas. – Center for Alcohol Policy explores, researches and expands education on alcohol regulations and the primary role states play. Hosts law symposium, essay contest, resources and news for policymakers, regulators and the public. – Cobb County Public Schools Prevention Intervention Center offers Alcohol and Other Drug use and Violence Prevention trainings to schools, PTAs, students, and community groups, as well as other intervention and support services. – Created by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), comprehensive research-based information on issues related to alcohol abuse and binge drinking among college students. – Center for Science in the Public Interest, CSPI helps focus public and decision-maker attention on high-leverage policy reforms to reduce the devastating health and social consequences of drinking. – Don’t Let Minors Drink is sponsored by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board, shares tools, resources, information and ideas. – A national campaign to prevent underage drinking. The Federal Trade Commission, the nation’s consumer protection agency, prepared and maintains this website. – The Partnership for a Drug-free America and Join Together, unites parents, renowned scientists and communication professionals to help families raise healthy children. Tools to help parents talk to their kids about drugs and alcohol, and lots of useful research and resources. E-newletter and action center. – Empowering parents to raise children substance abuse free. – FACE is a national non-profit organization that supports sensible alcohol policies and practices through the development of messages, strategies and training designed to create public awareness and action on alcohol issues. – The Drug Enforcement Administration recently launched this website,  a drug education resources for parents, educators, and caregivers. – Borne from Pam Erickson’s realization of alcohol industry deregulation dangers. A former state liquor control commissioner, Pam shares information for attorneys and the public – e-newsletter, presentations, education. – International Institute on Alcohol Awareness provided free daily media review of alcohol related news stories and focuses on strategies targeting “place” – that is, strategies designed to limit youth access to alcohol. – Home of The Council on Alcohol and Drugs and portal to Georgia Underage Drinking Prevention Initiative. – Mothers Against Drunk Driving has programs for schools, “under 21” page, statistics, resources and information on underage drinking prevention as well as drunk driving prevention, including a page about social host policies. – Nation Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence  provides information, publications, and is the sponsor of the Annual National Alcohol Awareness Month each April. – National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. A part of the National Institutes of Health, NIAAA conducts research on alcohol consumption and the prevention and treatment of alcohol-related problems. Find information for scientists/researchers, clinicians, and news/information by topic; underage drinking, college drinking, women and alcohol, older adults and alcohol. – Infographic illustrates the dangers of binge drinking. Sourced from – Developed by the Utah legislature, find information about the harmful effects of alcohol on the developing teen brain, along with proven skills for preventing underage alcohol use. – For anyone who drinks, this site offers valuable, research-based information. What do you think about taking a look at your drinking habits and how they may affect your health? Rethinking Drinking can help you get started. – Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration is a clearinghouse of lots of information. National Household Survey on Drug Abuse found here. Can access alcohol specific links and Center for Substance Abuse Prevention (CSAP) model programs. – A comprehensive portal of Federal resources for information on underage drinking and ideas for combating this issue. – Stop Alcohol Under 21 is dedicated to helping parents and other Georgians reduce underage drinking of alcohol. – A free resource to help you choose programs and policies to improve health and prevent disease in your community. Find systematic reviews used to identify evidence based strategies to prevent excessive alcohol consumption and related harms. – The power of parents, it’s your influence – MADD has created a powerful new website just for parents. Video’s, ask the experts blog, research, tips for talking to your kids, etc. – From the Partnership for a Drug-Free America, time to talk provides easy-to-use guides and tips to help you have ongoing conversations with your kids to keep them healthy and drug-free. – Provides useful programs and strategies, downloadable materials, interactive games and exercises, and other resources for youth, families and educators. – Real talk starts here. Provides the facts, tools, conversation starters, and advice parents need to start talking early and often to their children about alcohol. Parents can create a personalized action plan. – Underage Drinking Enforcement and Training Center spotlights success stories, and provides helpful publications to download and great support tools for underage drinking coalitions. – Brief documents, publised quarterly, that provides short summaries and references to the most up-to-date research findings and other helpful information geared toward the judiciary and the Underage Drinking Laws community.